The game world has a new champion of tournament-style fighting games genre. If you like fighting games and Deathmatch style game, you definitely need to play this game. I want to introduce you most awesome and freshly-released 2D side flash game Chaos Faction.

It is a new word in action games and have a whole new high level engine and modern style graphics, which is so cool and make you feel like you are standing on the roof with guns or sword and assassin ninjas are around you. You can make an entire new set of maps and round variety's by yourself and play as you wish.

There are so many options and opportunities like you can chose who you wanna fight against you and where was your battlefield, for that there is are so many alternatives and all of them are cool. If you like action games and looking for some real trouble with aliens and cowboys, you have to play this.

Let me tell you about Controls in this game

  • For moving, you need to use Arrow keys.
  • When you need to go Right, push Right Key and to the left press Left Key.
  • For jump, you need to press Up Key.
  • To kick, you need to use Z and X keys.
  • X is normal kick, but when you are flying and need a super shot, press Z and your character will make extraordinary move.

Scenario of the Game

Chaos Faction doesn't have one ordinary boring scenario, because it is really literally chaotic and extraordinarily cool game with so many plot twists, but main idea is one and only, you have to defeat your enemy and win, but for that, you have to fight against so many different warriors with contrasting skills and advantages. So, some rounds you are in the deep ocean and fighting against pirates and also in another round you have to face ninjas and maybe space robots too. It is the biggest plus of this game and if you use it, Chaos Faction gives you so much joy and good times while playing. Well, the main storyline in this game is that, you have to face every warrior in their home battlefields and defeat them one after one, then you'll become a pro fighter and the next level of this game will open, where more higher skilled and deadly killers are waiting to taste your blood and then throw your body in deep cold water.

Gameplay and Graphics

Chaos Faction creators totally managed to develop a whole new engine with shocking gameplay and so many fun toys. In fact, this game has 29 types of gun and you can play with poison darts, freeze rays, laser cannons and even a mouse trap, also if you win some hard rounds, you can unlock more crossbows, stick bombs and other awesome guns. This game gives you the opportunity to chose gameplay type with yourself and you can play Deathmatch style with opponents, whose you chose and you also can choose which guns will be used and also adjust map's every detail, like size of cloud and backgrounds. Also, you can play the campaign and perform a mission. At the beginning, you are starting with easy ones, but after over first level, game becoming more and more hard and this is not everything. Every match is full of surprises and power-up things are falling from the sky, some of them give you abilities to fly and some give you power of deadly shot and extra life.

The graphics in this game are superb. Every texture is modern and awesome, shots and their sounds are realistic and the music are so intense. If you lose, your character will literally cry, so try your hard and become a best warrior in the whole universe.