The legendary game is back. I have a great news for you, the amazing shooting simulator has a new advanced version and you can play it on this site. Chaos Faction 3 is a new version of its awesome game series and have a magnificent new toys and a scenario for you.

The game developers have put a lot of effort to make this new version a with a better engine and graphic design and because of that, this game is on the higher level then another ordinary shooting games. In my opinion, this game is a most intense shooting platform in the flash gaming and once you play it, you become a addicted to it, so try your best fight against cold blooded killers.

Chaos Faction 3 has the most extraordinary gameplay, because there is no aiming or even a reloading function, but it's still a shooting game and you will be amazed, when you find out its secret plot twists. This game is full of new features and awesome maps,which has a new graphic design and modern texture to please you. If you play this game, you will be on the other planet, with deadly pirates and serial killer santa, but also you can be a villain too, because this game is full of choices for you and let's try and build your own battlefield with crazy bunny and ninjas.

This game is absolutely brilliant masterpiece of the Armor Games company developers, because it has so many amazing stories and original scenario and that gives you the opportunity to choose your favorite way to play and complete it with fun and pleasure. The main task for you is to survive in the deadly battles against different extraordinary opponents, like a mad bunny and insane santa, but the coolest part is that, you have to face so many super warriors, for example, there are some rounds, where you need to defeat a clones and also invisible warriors.

Chaos Faction 3 has two main options for you to take a journey in this game's awesome gameplay. There are the new freshly released maps and you can play a campaign mode to open them, also every round will give you the opportunity to unlock a new superior gun. Also, you can make your own battlefield with your rules, like you can choose a which weapon will be used or how many players will be against you or your side. So, try and be a last man standing on the ashes of your enemy.


The controls in this game are easily adapted and simple. For moving your character, you have to use the arrow keys.
Up arrow key will help you to jump
to moving right, you need to press the Right arrow key and to move left, press Left arrow key.
to jump down, you need to push Down arrow key and to shoot, click [ and for shooting a bomb, press ]

This game will give you best ways to spend a free time on this site, because it has so awesome gameplay. Your main task is a survive, but this will be hard, because you need to complete so insane missions, like kill a crazy Santa and also fight against invisible ninjas, who are literally invisible. So, after every time, when you take down your powerful enemy, new destruction gun will be unlocked and every one of them are so awesome, so play hard and open every detail of this game.

The graphics in this game are most accurate and perfectly suits on its gameplay, because every gun is so realistic and also every character's clothes and colorful textures are beautiful. You can make a custom design an for your character and every clothing is so cool. So, make a your own person and play with it in the modern style advanced maps.