I'm sure you already know about amazing game Chaos faction and I have an awesome news for you. finally, after first famous version, the developers have made a new version of the game. This second version is way better and has so many new features to make you fun.

Chaos faction 2 is a new word of shooting gaming and it's a way better than any other action game recently. Because, game has awesome gameplay and also, unlike the other boring shooting games, has amazing storyline and interesting plot twists. The game will definitely give you so much joy while playing, and also give you an opportunity to test your shooting skills and logical appearance. Cos this version has more dangerous battlefields and intensive fights.

Chaos faction 2 isn't an ordinary game with shooting platform and fight missions. There are lots more interesting features what make you happy while playing. This version is clean from bugs and creators also made new maps with more entertaining missions and spectacular enemies. Four companies were working together to create this game and each one has made awesome details. Like, there are special modern textures and also new cool music for each mission.

The controls of the game are simple. for moving your character, you need to use Arrow Keys.
to jump and go up, you have to push Up Arrow Key
for moving right, press Right Arrow Key and to left, press Left Arrow Key
you have to press Down Arrow Key to use shield.
press Z or X to kick, you can press shift at the same time and this will give you ability to kick while holding a gun.

The game is awesome

The scenario of this game are simple and cool. You need to complete the various challenges to progress through the game, also you can create your own custom battlefields with your rules and settings to challenge pirates, zombies and even aliens too. The game gives you opportunities to play deathmatch style and see how long you can hold out against increasingly tough opponents. But if you play challenges, you need to prepare for a bonus battle against lions and tigers at the chaosseum, where you have to prove your power to the emperor and the game world while fighting against gladiators.

Chaos faction 2 has so many new plot twists and amazing scripts to entertain you. It will challenge you to help the warriors tribe to fight against the invading primates. Meanwhile, the deads are disturbing the peace down at the graveyard and you need to smash them too. But it's not everything. The game is full of amazing surprises and every one of them will amaze you. Like, there are new missions, where you need to be leader of alien invasion in some random space station somewhere in the galaxy and fight for humanity. And another mission where you need to find a treasure at the secret tropical island for your pirate captain.

The second version is better

Every aspect of the gameplay of the game is modern and developers have updated every detail of the engine. Also, Chaos faction 2 has so many new features, like this game gives you the opportunity to complete a super kick and also make manoeuvres while jumping.

To kick with ultra power, you need to press X couple times fast, also you can jump higher if you press Up arrow key two times. Also, while you are fighting against knights, there are coming deadly arrows from nowhere, so use shield to protect yourself from them.

The Graphics in this game will definitely astonish you with its modern style texture and colorful backgrounds. Every round in this game is unlike other and has different visual and entertaining pluses. For instance, there are beautiful cats in the vampire house and so on. play carefully and enjoy with this cool game.